Scenography for the Antwerp Police Heritage Centre

— 2023, Antwerp, Belgium
IMG 27362

Currently under construction is the Heritage Centre for the Police of Antwerp. The focus is on the stories told by the collection and people from the corps. It is about the layered history, the slowness and speed of intervention and connection, and the moral tension between duty, obedience and personal choice.

  • Team: Caroline Voet & Laura Steenbeke
  • In collaboration with: PZA, Besix, AG Vespa
  • Production: Twin Design
  • Light study: 50 LUX
  • Hardware: Ocular

PZA EGC analyse lijnen
VOET started from an investigation of perspectival lines from which a dynamic trail can emerge. Thus, the Heritage Centre transcends the environment of a typical office floor.
PZA isometrie 1
PZA isometrie 2
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PZA EGC wapenkluis in opbouw