Scenography for Housing Apart Together. A first exhibition on collective housing projects in Flanders

— 2019, Belgium
Collectief Wonen Vlaanderentafel

Last days: Exhibition 'Housing Apart Together' till 31 October at Time Circus Antwerp.

How shall we live together? Flanders is rethinking its urban fabric, rethinking living and the landscape it proclaims. Collective housing projects are elevated to an ideal image, but at the same time they raise many questions. The 'Housing Apart Together' exhibition seeks to provide answers based on 20 collective housing projects in Flanders. Central is the atmosphere and daily (collective) life of the residents being pictured.

Tackling the scenography, Caroline Voet and Leen De Brabandere worked together in order to rethink collectivity within the presentation and content of the housing projects. Lightweight wooden frames and fabrics can easily be (re)assembled to accommodate the travelling aspect of the exhibition. The same profile is used to embody different scales: the smallest frames form single and double seating elements and grow into table legs, walls and rooms. The 'Vlaanderentafel' is a meeting place in the exhibition, inviting for dialogue and discussion.

  • With: Voet en De Brabandere
  • Graphic Design: Undercast
  • Text: Peggy Totté
  • Production: Z33, Etoile Mécanique
  • In collaboration with: Architectuurwijzer, Peggy Totté

Collectief Wonen axo c mine
Collectief Wonen Vlaanderentafel
The 'Vlaanderentafel' of which every piece of every province has been sold
Collectief wonen kluster
191002 Collectief Wonen foto Leen
1. Photography: Leen De Brabandere
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1. Photography: Leen De Brabandere
2. Photography: Brecht Van Maele
Foto 10 10 2019 15 02 33 2
Photography: Leen De Brabandere
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