Scenography For the Love of the Master, 25 artists fascinated by Piranesi. Opening 17 June 2022

— 2021, Ireland
Piranesi 1

ENG For this exhibition, with its mesmerising pieces from vessels to historical books, we created a dialogue between the contemporary artists and their fascination for Piranesi as a creator and an inventor. Piranesi has a way of superimposing decay with eternity, thus inducing a kind of hyperreality, transcending death and time. From this ‘speculative archaeology’, we developed our ideas for a new scenography.

The two locations where the exhibition takes place presented a challenge: creating a scenography to suit both a white cube and a historical building. The Coach House Galleries in Dublin Castle, provided us with two neutral ‘white boxes’, while the beautiful Casino at Marino with its 18th-century interiors is composed of series of smaller rooms, full of details charged with historic layers. In order to anchor the concept of the latent landscape, we superimposed the cross-shaped plan of the Casino and its piano nobile on the Kane Room in the Coach House. The works are placed like temporary inhabitants, gradually being discovered – in the same way that the visitor discovers the rooms. We created another series of new ‘residents’: small wooden benches, old-pink and in the shape of love seats which have been tailor-made for the Casino. The rooms of the casino in different ways play with the proportions of the square and the golden ratio. In plan, they follow a successive order from 1 : 1 to 2 : 3, 3 : 4, 1 : 2. Reflecting these proportions in every detail, the benches quietly take position.


  • Scenography: Voet en De Brabandere
  • Team: Caroline Voet, Leen De Brabandere, Thomas Dreezen, Stella De Reuver, Laura Steenbeke
  • In collaboration with: curator Hélène Bremer, Mary Heffernan and the OPW
  • Production: Meubelatelier n°12
  • Location: Dublin Castle and Casino Marino, Ireland
  • Opening: 17 June 2022

Piranese cover
200121 visualisation display case le vendute rome
Piranesi preview 2
Detail pink 1
Piranesi Casino At Marino high res
preview of the scenography at the Casino at Marino
200217 easel interior