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Caroline Voet is a Belgian based architect. She loves to design and make spaces and objects, crossing the borders between architecture, design, scenography and graphic expression.
She works on a range of projects for clients as het Vlaams Architectuur Instituut (the Flemish Architecture Institute) and Arts Centre De Singel. All her projects are driven by a strong passion: to create something beautiful, to turn everyday rituals into a wonderful experience. Careful attention to the users’ needs and a personal approach guarantee a unique translation of functional demands and economic requirements.
Space fits like a pair of favourite gloves.

Over the years, Caroline Voet built up a profound knowledge on spatial qualities and the design process, both from her passion as a designer as well as her experience as a teacher and researcher. She studied architecture in Antwerp, Belgium before attending a Masters at the Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association in London, where she graduated with honours. Her thesis project ‘Fyber Space’ was awarded the Alex Stanhope Forbes Price.
She learned her skills at Zaha Hadid Architects in London and Christian Kieckens Architects in Brussels. Back in Belgium, she received the 2001 Godecharles Award.
In 2004, she founded her own office in Antwerp. Her first project, the reconversion of two houses in Hopland, Antwerp, received the Monumenten- en Welstandsprijs 2006. Between 2006 and 2011 she co-founded Voet Theuns architecten, working on a range of projects from furniture and museum interiors to schools and social housing. Since 2012, she started her own practice, focussing on high quality design projects.

Architecture and design practice have always been combined with teaching and research. She focuses on design strategies, aesthetics and architectural theory and methodology. Main research topic is Dom Hans van der Laan’s Architectonic Space.
She taught at the Architectural Association and the VUB (Free University of Brussels).
Since 2006 she is affiliated with Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, now part of KULeuven. Caroline Voet is a member of the research group ‘Architectural Culture of the Recent Past’ and of the Arenberg Doctoral School, KULeuven. Her phd on the work of architect Dom Hans van der Laan was completed in 2013. Since 2012, Caroline Voet is a member of the General Board of the Dom Hans van der Laan Stichting, the Netherlands, and more specifically, she is chairman of the Research and Education Team within this organisation. Caroline Voet is a member of the editorial board of the Yearbook Flanders, issued by the Flemish Architecture Institute (VAi).

Professional Architectural Experience

2012 - : Caroline Voet architect

continuing projects with a focus on architecture, design, scenography.
Projects for Design Vlaanderen, Design Platform, ...

2006-2011 : Voet Theuns architecten

Associate and co-founder with Jeroen Theuns
Focussing on public as well as private projects as:
-    Museography CINEMATEK, Brussels, in collaboration with Robbrecht en Daem Architecten, 2009
-    General planning and design INTERIEUR 08, Kortrijk, 2008
-    Several Private houses, new and restorations, Antwerp and surroundings.
-    social housing and schools, Antwerp and surroundings.

2004-2006: Caroline Voet architect

-    Scenography for ‘Dames met Klasse’, Mechelen, in collaboration with Zaha Hadid, 2005
-    Interior Vai Flemish Architecture Institute and Loges des artistes, De Singel, Antwerp

2001 - 2004: project architect with Christian Kieckens Architects, Aalst - Brussels:

In charge of:
-    Renovation project for Escada, Mechelen
-    Commercial and housing development in Lommel, 1st price
-    Urban plan for Aalst station area, 1st price
-    Scenography for the exhibition Mutations in Brussels
-    Scenography for an exhibition on video art, Arc en Rêve, in Lille, France
-    Art intervention by Peter Downsbrough on the Boulevard Jacquemain, Brussels
Assistant for the book ‘Zoeken – denken – bouwen’, by Christian Kieckens, Ludion

April 1999 - December 2000: project architect at the Office of Zaha Hadid, London:

Collaborator in the project team for the realization of the Contemporary Arts Centre, Rome
Competitions for the Royal Collection, Madrid, Reina Sofia extension, Madrid, Science Centre, Wolfsburg
Several smaller projects and installations:
-    Urban set design for the movie Executing God
-    Metapolis, production design for Charleroi Danses, Belgium
-    Scenography for Borderline Berber Textiles, at the Palais Des Beaux Arts, Brussels
-    Z.SCAPE, lounging furniture with Sawaya & Moroni, Milan
-    Meshworks, installation for the 2000 exhibition at the Villa Medici, Rome

August-September 1996: Robbrecht en Daem architecten and Marie-José Van Hee Architecten, competition Emiel Braunplein in Ghent, 2nd prize

Awards and Nominations

2015: Award Winning Designer, Antwerp Powered by Creatives

2015: Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp, 1st prize for the scenography, in collaboration with Leen De Brabandere

2015: Manneken Pis Museum, Brussels, 1st prize for the scenography, in collaboration with Leen De Brabandere

2014: Henry van de Velde Label for the chair STOOL

2009: Henry van de Velde Label for the table Ahrend philink,in collaboration with Jeroen Theuns

2008: INTERIEUR 08: 1st prize for the scenography, in collaboration with Jeroen Theuns

2006: CINEMATEK: first prize for the museography, in collaboration with Robbrecht en Daem architecten and Jeroen Theuns

2006: ‘Monumenten en Welstandsprijs’ 2006 Antwerp, nomination for the reconversion of two houses from 1882

2001: laureate prix Godecharle architecture, for the project ‘Cybernautica’

1998: Alex Stanhope Forbes Prize for the project ‘Fyber Space’, Architectural Association, London


2005-2013: PhD student and research assistant, Sint-Lucas Ghent-Brussels and K.U.Leuven.
26 August 2013: awarded the title of Doctor in the Engineering Sciences.

1997-1999: Master in Arts, Architecture and Urban Planning, DRL, Architectural Association, London
-    DRL phase1, Alex Stanhope Forbes Prize             
-    DRL phase2, graduated with honour

1992-1997: Architecture, Henri van de Velde Institute, Antwerp, Belgium, graduated with honour

1991-1992: Drawing, Arts Academy, Mortsel, Belgium, graduated with great honour

1986 1992: Science-Mathematics, Regina Pacis, Hove, Belgium

Academic Experience

Caroline Voet recently completed her phd: ‘Between the Lines and its Margins, Spatial Systematics in the work of monk - architect Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991)’

Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels / Ghent, Belgium
Arenberg Doctoral School, KULeuven, Belgium

Prof. Dr. Yves Schoonjans
Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels / Ghent, Belgium
And Prof. Dr. Luc Verpoest
Arenberg Doctoral School, KULeuven, Belgium

Prof. Dr. Krista De Jonge
Prof. Dr. Raoul Bauer
Prof. Dr. Jan De Maeyer

With the support of:
The Van der Laan Archives, Benedictusberg Vaals, the Netherlands
The Van der Laan Stichting, the Netherlands
Timing: 2006 - 2013

Since September 2005, Caroline Voet is an active teaching member of the History and Theory Department, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent.

1.    ’12- now and ’05-’10: Architectural History and Theory, seminars for ‘Traject AAD (Advanced Architectural Design), 2nd Master of Architecture.
2.    ’06- now: workshops at Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster, for teachers and students from Sint-Lucas Institute Brussels-Ghent, Dep. of Architecture.
3.    ’10- now: Seminar Cultuuratelier Architectuur, 2nd Bachelor Interieurvormgeving.
4.    ’05- 12: Supervisor Master Thesis, 3rd Master of Architecture.
5.    ’06-’12: Seminar Architectuur Actualia, 2nd Bachelor Interieurvormgeving.

December 2003 – December 2005: Assistant at the VUB Free University of Brussels, Faculty of Architectural Engineering

-    Architectural design 2nd year and thesis supervisor 5th year
-    Teacher CAD design
-    Launch and development of the Year Book

January 2003: Guest teacher at the Architectural Association Intermediate Unit 4 (3rd year), London

-    ‘Synergetic Field Operations’, the design of a house by internalising the logic of the edge through specific field operations
-    Technique: models and digital tools

November 2002: Workshop leader at the Symposium HITEC LOTEC in Bristol

-    Focus on the development of strategies to bring architecture closer to craftsmanship  

2001-2002: Teacher at the Architectural Association, Diploma Unit 5 (4th and 5th year), with Christian Kieckens, architectural design

-    Projects: Anatopism through a bridge structure in London and a housing project in Brussels
-    Organisation of studytrip to Vienna

January 2001: Guest teacher in first year, studio 5, at the Architectural Association, London

-    ‘Structural Skins’, the development of structures that gain rigidity by complex folding
-    Technique: models and the development of a  ‘catalogue of folding techniques’

2000-2001: Guest teacher at DRL Graduate School, Architectural Association, London

-    ‘Material Trajectories’, the material exploration of complex mathematical organizations
-    Technique: computer animation and simulation, models

November 1999:  Guest teacher at the Henry van de Velde Institute, Antwerp

-    ‘Surface Workshop’, architecture as a second skin
-    Technique: one to one scale objects  

1999-2000: Guest teacher in Foundation at the Architectural Association, London

-    Themes ‘Body Structures’ and ‘Street Furniture’, the exploration of structures that develop from a state of prosthesis into urban generators
-    Technique: one to one scale objects

Throughout the years: several lectures, participation on jury panels.

Caroline Voet Hopland 61 2000 Antwerpen Belgium T +32 (0)3 203 08 86 M +32 (0)478 33 55 23 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
“Space fits
like a pair
of favourite