f_413_280_16777215_00___images_blog_images_koninklijke-loge.jpgCaroline Voet is redesigning the 'koninklijke loge', one of the most marvelous but well hidden places in arts centre De Singel.
For this occasion, a lot of research was done to develop new cabinets and a table. The space will be inaugurated end of the year!
The Royal Lodge (Koninklijke Loge) is part of the original conservatory building, realised in 1968 by architect Léon Stijnen. As a separate concrete element, it was plugged directly onto the music hall. With it's trapezoidal floor plan, slender concrete structure and wooden interior dressing, it offered an initimate parlour with personal bathrooms for the king and queen to privately access the performances.

Now the space is used for a multitude of functions, from lectures and workshops, to receptions, dinners and meetings.
The new furniture designed by Caroline Voet is inspired by the trapezoidal shape of the room itself, and works with Stijnen's original materialities and rhythms.

First prototypes are developed with PROFORMA.