f_413_280_16777215_00___images_blog_images_20131023_-_bedacker_2-2.jpgThis year, Caroline Voet worked on the reconversion and restauration of a 1956 house by architect Carolus Joannes Hoge (1890-1962). The eclectic house is built out of successive bayrhythms following the golden section. Large rooms are bordered by portico's and narrow corridors and landings.
The artist-architect Pieter Vandendorpe, R U I M T E R U I S, took the structure and resliced it in 45° angles according to the different prominent rhythms, investigating new perspectives. 
ruimteruis2sm.jpg f_200_133_16777215_00___images_blog_images_20131021_-_bedacker_1-2.jpgf_200_133_16777215_00___images_blog_images_20131021_-_bedacker_1-5.jpgf_200_133_16777215_00___images_blog_images_20131023_-_bedacker_2B3.jpg