f_413_280_16777215_00___images_blog_images_H_vd_Velde_3.jpgHenry van de Velde Labels and Awards for good design, career, young talent and company, and the OVAM Awards.
Exhibition from the 21th of January to the 1st of March 2014.
Location: Lokettenzaal Vlaams Parlement, Brussel
Organisation: Agentschap Ondernemen, Design Vlaanderen and the OVAM.

Caroline Voet and forma are selected to realise the scenography.

It is a wonderful challenge to work in the 'lokettenzaal' of the Flemish Parliament in Brussels. This rational and repetitive structure clad with luscious materials was realised by modernist architect Victor Bourgeois (1897-1962) between 1937 and 1941.
As an answer to this hall, Voet and forma developed an inverted column, set in a modular lozenge pattern, a platform for the awarded projects.

Victor Bourgeois' hall is built with a distinct rhythm and proportion, as a 'celebration' of its structure. The spatial experience is strongly defined through the stratification that covers and uncovers this structure: dressing, cladding, paneling and TL light strips. It deals with spatial story telling and poetics.
This installation is grafted on these poetics and enters into dialogue with the hall. It reacts from a similar logic, but equally inverts it.
A new regular lozenge pattern folds in the space. Its rhythm is smaller, finer, bringing it scale towards that of the object and the viewer. Entering this pattern is an invitation into another world with its own series and perspectives towards the objects. The play between moving and looking, between parcours and sight lines is regulated through the repetitive structure.
The installation is built out of portico's that come together into an inverted crucifix column, a small tribute to Mies van der Rohe.


A one to one model of the joint was made to test the strength of the structure.


See you on the 21th of January 2014!