ARQ16_web.jpgThe article on the work of the Benedictine monk-architect Dom Hans van der Laan, written by Caroline Voet for the Architectural Research Quarterly (Cambridge University Press), is now available online.

Voet, Caroline, "The poetics of order: Dom Hans van der Laan's architectonic space", in arq: Architectural Research Quarterly, volume 16, issue 02 (June 2012), pp. 137-154.

You can download the article from here.
The Dutch architect and monk, Dom Hans van der Laan (1904–1991) leaves us with a legacy of architectural writings and realisations arising from his search for fundamental principles of architecture. His 1977 manifesto Architectonic Space aims to combine spatial philosophical concepts with practical design tools.
This article brings new insights into the actual application of Dom Hans van der Laan's philosophy of space and his proportional system of the plastic number. It does this by linking the concepts from Architectonic Space with the design of Dom van der Laan's final realisation: the Jesu Moder Marias Convent in Tomelilla, Sweden (1986-1991, church 1995). The discourse is structured around the analytical drawings made by Rik van der Laan (1938), who was Dom van der Laan's right hand in the design of the Tomelilla convent. As such, Dom van der Laan's design methodology is unfolded, from the overall urban scale to the smallest construction detail.

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