f_413_280_16777215_00___images_blog_images_arch_theory_and_studio_session_29_may_2012.jpgRound Table Session
29 May 2012
Sint-Lucas Institute, Dep. Architecture, Ghent

This round table session focuses on exchanging methods of teaching architectural theory in the design studio. Each of the speakers will briefly present their methodologies for linking theory and research to the design practice. 
What topics are introduced? What are the methods, instruments, paths followed? What is achieved?
How is architecture produced?
There is one common aim: to develop a critical thinking about the applied design strategy and space in general, to offer tools that can enhance the quality of the studio work.
How ‘applied’ do you go?

Coordination and info: Caroline Voet

arch. Marco Ginex AADIP and
arch. Adam Nathaniel Furman AADIP (hons), AAGRADDIP
arch. urb. Karel Wuytack
arch. urb. Roeland Smit and
ir. arch. urb. Bart Van Gassen
arch. Caroline Voet AAMA (hons)

prof. Alain Findeli