f_413_280_16777215_00___images_arch_and_des_houses_sclepIIa.jpgWorks just completed! This small house in the centre of Antwerp combines everything one needs: grounded in a quit street, lots of light and a terrace with a view. It was a real challenge to restore this compact structure, organised on three floors of only 22m2.
The client wanted quality living spaces, as well as two separate bedrooms. The many windows in the front as well as the back fa├žade give each floor a light and open atmosphere. We decided to add a volume and terrace on the top, just above the skyline of the Antwerp city fabric. As such, this house becomes one of the smallest living spaces in the centre of Antwerp with a ground floor front door and a terrace with a view. Former colleague Jeroen Theuns followed up the construction works, which had started fall 2011. Following the view outside, one can detect another house with a top floor terrace with the same detailing, one of the first Voet Theuns collaborations.